What is 4K ?

What is 4K ?

It was in year 1942, Siemens of Germany was the first to install CCTV for observing the launch of V2-rockets & in 1972 the VCR was introduced hence the surveillance industry is hooked permanently with the change in trends.  From hardware to software, the CCTV industry often follows the trends in broadcast industry, surely yes. And the new trend is 4 K, most widely used keyword for discussions in 2015 & the impact of 4 K is related with video & Images, be it Cinema or else. We need higher compression & lesser size of storage at the minimum cost that will serve the purpose. 4 K is the best option.

It actually is the content with the horizontal resolution of 4000 pixels. And practically it is four times of 1080p full HD that cleary means eight million pixels hence the realism factor of every image is raised

4K UHD will pave path for 3D CCTV systems sooner or latter

The screen door effect is eliminated by reducing the gaps between the pixels to an extreme level thereby allowing the realistic sharp pictures & less pixelation. Since it is the video broadcast quality that delivers four times of the full HD resolution. The zoomed version of 4K is better than full HD without any blocks or chops in the picture.

The 4K videos can easily work on HDMI 1.4 standard & can support unto 30 fps while as if higher frames exceeding 30 fps are need we have to switch to HDMI 2.0 at the increased bandwidth.

The cost of storage for high resolution videos & pictures is the matter of concern but picture quality makes it supreme. The 4K resolution is very much suitable for the 3D videos in cinematic industry, and entry of 4K in surveillance systems industry will obviously pave the path for 3D CCTV technology & obviously that will be the revolution in industry.

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