Why Access Controls?

Why Access Controls?

Every premise, one or other way needs protection apart from video surveillance. Video surveillance is not a physical deterrent but purely physcological & is helpful in providing the video evidence for any incident. However if doors are open & entry is not controlled then site is always under risk. The undesired elements can enter & leave even nothing getting noticed. Hence the need of access control arises.

Simple case. Imagine a residential building with twenty tenants. If main door of the building remains open as it is supposed to be open for general entry purpose, any one apart from the tenants & owners can enter the building from top to bottom floor any time, hence any valuable left in building can be taken away making building insecure, and it poses a serious threat to the tenants.   In this case one electric lock & reader can help to protect the site from any sort of intrusion. The door lock is closed for all the time & can open only by the authorised persons as and when needed.

Access control is the physical deterrent using electronic & electrical means to control the exit & entry at any desired site. This way the authorized persons can enter or leave the site hence reduces the risk by 100% & in case of any untoward incident the cost of security analysis is reduced to the minimum.

We need access control at each & every location that we want to protect against any intrusion like at airports, transit stations, offices, banks, check posts, night clubs etc. The entry & exit is properly controlled and recorded to keep vigil at the site.

The entry & exit can be controlled by different methods like using the RFID cards, Mifare cards, EM Cards,  simple PIN codes, Bio-metrics ( Voice, finger print, vein, palm, Iris, voice etc). All the methods are chosen based on the site & client requirements as well as budgets.

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