Choosing a brand name

Choose whatever you want, as there is nothing like an original thought. Every brand has a history of growth & little is said about brands that fail. One should know, it is a brand that fails not the product. Products change with the pace of time but brand name remain forever.

Have not Microsoft become prefix for all Microsoft products with acronym MS used as prefix for all Microsoft products like Office as MS Office or Windows as MS Windows etc. Or Apple Inc. designs & markets smart phones using iPhone tag as iPhone 1, 2, 3 & currently iPhone 7 plus. Imagine the tag iPhone is removed it will remain as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 Plus etc perhaps no one will know it, Hence the value of product depends on brand name.

The brand names play an extremely important role in start-ups as well as well established firms as it is brand name that people remember and opt for not the models or specifications. The brand name is a trust, once you launch a best product under certain brand name, if all goes well people will recommend brand, nothing else. In general, one should identify the priorities while choosing the brand name as impact of brand is a huge. Whatever the product you launch, a big tag is brand. Before choosing the brand name, one should devise a well defined strategy

Company name as brand name:
An easiest way. After writing your business plan & defining your product, one can easily choose the company name and may use same name as the trade name/ trade mark, this will help two fold. The company name is being promoted along with the brand name hence reducing the cost of marketing in local as well as international setup.

Company name & different brand name:
Imagine a company started in Maryland as American Electronics, it is good to use this name locally but once we enter in an international market the first objection we will receive against word American as geographical notation cannot be registered as trademark hence our first step goes wrong, so we should be cautious, hence we need to choose the trade name/ trade mark different from geographic origins.

Short & Catchy:
Long names & twisted words hard to pronounce, are never part of branding strategy. May be in past but not now. It is important to choose the catchy names very close to your product line & services

Meaning :
What happened I do not know but words F**K & FCUK are very close although registration of trademark FCUK was permitted after a long legal battle. But why to become part of legal hurdles better to solve the issue at the earliest. In case the choice is to launch the brand internationally, it is extremely important to know the meaning of brand name otherwise many countries can block the registration of the same brand name as meaning of the brand name is to be written while applying for registration.

Geographical indications:
Under international law, it is no way permitted to add the geographical indications to trademarks (brand names) as it deceives the buyer about the country of origin.

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