CCTV Brands : Check what you choose for security

CCTV Brands : Check what you choose for security

Does it really matter? Trust matters a lot. Building a brand is building a trust ©. So it is very important to choose the best.

World map is unique. And every one lives somewhere, although every one craves for peace & better living. We want to get the real value for our hard earned money. It takes a hectic research before even buying a famous brand of teddy bear but when it comes to security, the quality & all applicable certifications matter.

By writing prefix or suffix of industrialized countries with the brands matter as world intellectual property office have clear protocols that geographical Indications cannot be mentioned with the brands as it is deceiving. And in some cases if brands with suffix of some countries got registered then the country of origin need to be mentioned.

The renowned brand names especially CCTV Brands do not mention the geographical indications as prefix or suffix & why they need to do so as people trust them even in any competition. And that is the real trust or we can say the brands we trust.

After having research on several product oriented websites for same product, one can easily find something amazing that the origin is different than what is mentioned on website or the related marketing material. Same product from same factory but different origins mentioned on different websites. Shocking & deceiving. UK, USA, Germany, Korea, Taiwan are the widely used suffix with the brand names to deceive about the country of origin.

So it becomes very important for us to be cautious about checking whether the origin is genuine or just a suffix or it is just sticker pasted to win the clients on basis of the reputation of the country of origin.

In case of the slightest doubt and to avoid conflict choose the right security product on basis of specifications, brand & origin.

This is of vital importance. Read the datasheets thoroughly & compare with your requirements. Depends on the budget, compare the product you choose in terms of specifications with the higher brands of same type. In case the little discrepancy is observed then one can verify the same.

Most of the package boxes are generic & mention the certifications in general manner like CE, FCC, RoHS, UL etc. To be sure whether such certifications are true for the product, you can ask for the certificates or numbers to check genuineness.

The sticker does not matter. When you can make it, you can fake it. Each product has the country of Origin & almost every country have the on-line certification system that permits you to check the origin. In case the vendor is not showing such documentation due to trade secrecy reasons, we can request for written document about the origin for future use.

It is very important to choose the CCTV Camera system Brands on basis of market research not just as word of mouth, Security matters seriously.

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