CCTV DIY kits & Need of Market

CCTV DIY kits  & Need of Market

Microsoft is one of the richest companies in the world. It started with MS DOS & today is MS Windows 10, many in-between and the growth continues in terms of technology & profit. But what made it possible. Simply tactics of selling everything in a bundle helped them. A laptop from one vendor with MS Windows loaded, it becomes easy for the end user to install what he wants & whole the system is plug_and_play. You do not need to be an engineer to install software. We do it ourselves.

Imagine same in surveillance industry, where few steps mentioned in the user manual helps us to secure our home without paying for technical help. DIY industry always grows. According to IHS, CCTV market will grow by 10% in 2015 & According to Forbes; DIY home security market will reach more than US Dollar one Billion.

CCTV Video surveillance & Intruder Alarm Systems are the main entrants for the DIY security markets and will remain for long time with not many other security equipment’s in the queue as direct entrants. The technology changes rapidly, prices of the equipment’s fall. Have a little comparison of prices for a CCTV Camera 320 TVL in 1990 with today’s AHD CCTV Camera, the huge difference exists & price fall is clear indicative. Market appetite for need of security equipment’s at domestic level grows with price factor is main concern.

     The CCTV system with integrated Digital Video Recorder & Alarm System is the need of market.

What is actually needed to protect our home, simply a video recorder with remote surveillance facilities & an intruder alarm systems. Nowadays DIY surveillance kits are available in market at a very nominal price that includes a digital video recorder with four or eight weather proof High Definition CCTV cameras, cables & power supplies and we need just 2~3 hours to install and program the same hence we are secure.  Similarly an Intruder alarm system is sold as kit, with one simple control panel, sensors to detect intrusion, fire or smoke as well as glass break sensors, and can be installed as well programmed very easily.

Considering the market appetite. There is the need an integrated system with DVR & Intruder Alarm System, be it wired or wireless, it will help in ease of installation and setup. Single mobile phone with software application to view the dear ones & premises remotely and control the alarm system as well using same software and mobile phone.

Do it yourself before someone grabs it.

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