CCTV Made in China

CCTV Made in China. Manufactured in United States or United Kingdom, or Israel or Korea or Taiwan does not make any sense now a days and it was never. Now made in china has become the brand itself as China has become the factory of world. Almost every top brand is manufactured in China be it iPhone for Apple or Samsung Mobile phones or CCTV camera of any brand. It is not all about cheap labor that can be made available in India or Philippines also but it is all about strategy.

The major factors that have created and changing the pace of time in favor of china to make it as factory of world are many and few are as below

Imagine the manufacturing of CCTV Camera; we need a reliable supplier for all the accessories, IC Chips, Sensors, Cables, and Molds, Packaging hence the chain of active suppliers in the nearby vicinity makes everything easy and helps in the reduction in the cost. The perfect supply chain, component manufacturers, qualified and educated technical force, assembly & production lines made it very easy for the creation of the ideal factory for the world.

An isolated location for production is not the good idea for the business ecosystem; hence china has everything available all around.

The low cost labor is also one of the important reasons that make china the factory of world. China has the largest population in world with around 1.36 billion people. So the availability of labour is extremely higher as compared to the requirement hence the labour is working of low wages than the western labour force. Immigrants to industrial cities are willing to work many shifts for low wages. The huge labour force in China helps to produce in bulk, accommodate any seasonal industry requirement, and even cater to sudden rises in the demand schedule.

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