Content marketing is all about attraction, addition & the retention of customers & general audience. To achieve, we share free content related to our product to the general & targeted audience. The convincing content and invincible message wins the trust of audience. The content marketing is an independent tool and allows one to target and build audience, a good content means a very good audience.

The content marketing helps us in three ways; it creates the organic brand awareness, develops the brand preference & achieves the targets of engaging the audience. It is special form of conversation with the audience, as the target audience grows & the discussion levels increase and the trust grows within the time.

The basic building block of content marketing starts from market research and existing customers that gives us an ability to create a semi ideal fictional character referred as buyer persona. On the basis of all this research, the content plan is developed in accordance with product, industry standards and audience. The content must and should be totally interesting but specific to product and service.

The content writing is an art and expertise, here we have to consider every aspect and have to assume the impact of content. The plan of the content can be e-book, worksheets & templates, cheat sheets, info-graphics, videos, slides, blogs and case studies. The content mix plays an important role as every day millions of pictures are shared on internet and thousand words can be explained in on picture or graphic representation.

The important step is to decide that what media makes more impact for which type of content, it can be SEO, social media etc.

After completing all the steps, the content needs to be published and promoted using specific media channels.

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