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Who knows that a small CCTV shop offering better services and quality products exists at the corner of street in a big city; either the owner or some by passers & few customers? Around 41% of the world population has an internet connection today and increases every day and the number of websites increases beyond one billion mark. Every smart phone user has an access to the internet using various technologies. A single click gives us thousands of results; the internet search is based on text, image & voice. Hence the corners and cities do not matter in business but the presence on cyberspace is the vital point.

Right domain name
Domain name is an identity on the internet for any business & choosing the right name is very important, the domain name is exactly same as your business or brand name; or similar if exact name is not available. The dotcom is widely used top-level domain extension, and it is in better interest of business to book .net, .info, .co if easily available to avoid conflicts. Image belongs to one business owner while as to other, so to avoid such confusions buy nearby top-level domains.

Brand building & awareness
The right domain name becomes the part of cyberspace marketing and is great tool for the brand building & awareness. A single click leads to many results and a well customized websites on basis of search engine optimization (SEO) principles keeps the sites at top and impressions matter. The domain name is easy to remember & browsers allow bookmarking the sites of interest.

Customized email ID
The domain name becomes tool to get the customized email address instead of public emails like Gmail, yahoo etc, this way even email becomes the free marketing tool. The email as promotes none while as ( your_name@ internet domain names .com ) promotes the company name, hence the trust increases & it shows your seriousness towards business and customer support.

Brochures & other related material
The hard copy distribution era is gone, Once the domain name is active, the websites are built. And the catalogs and related material can be displayed on the site thereby reducing the cost of printing and distribution of catalogs. And the sites can be updated as and when required. As a result, the customer in any part of world can download the document needed. Any small change, addition or deletion in catalogs can be rectified and updated easily.

Online Sales
The existence of internet connections for half of world currently and availability of various ready-made software’s, It becomes easy to set the online sales shops (e-shops); a good website with online sales facilities becomes a five star showroom with customers worldwide. Hence an effort in strategic marketing can boost the business.

Simply your website is your official showroom, and domain name is your actual trademark.

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