Why Electronic Shelf Labels ?

Handwritten price tags have been replaced by bar-code tags as well as computerized printouts, and it continues to change with the pace of time. Thanks to Internet of Things, an idea floated by Kevin Ashton to connect all devices that have at least the sensing capacity.  IoT is all about connecting the devices anytime to make life easier. Electronic shelf labels are the extension of Internet of Things or we can say communication of things that helps in reduction of cost & time involved in updating the price or promotional tags. It is totally green technology and definitely maintenance free.

Let us take a case of small grocery shop on country side that serves just 200 customers a day. The menu is big to write & every variation price amounts to change the tag say for 10 different types of coffee flavors, Indian food stuff, Chinese foods, soft drinks and some beers. The customer cannot ask for prices every now and then, the traditional price tag on shelves sometimes becomes useless and is an old marketing tool to promote sales. Some items can be or cannot be served as by mistake either supervisor forgets to change the tag or update the prices. It becomes hectic to change papers every day & is costly as well as time consuming affair.

Why not go for something that can be updated each and every time on basis of availability to maintain the reputation of shop and without annoying the customer. The Electronic Shelf Labels allow to update the tags every time as and when needed, the items that are available can be shown as available whiles as unavailable stuff can be discarded from the list. The number of changes that can be made is unlimited and can be done on site or remotely without disturbing the setup.

The module uses an electronic paper (e Paper) in both monochrome & colorful formats, and the tags come in different sizes and the communication is totally wireless hence eliminating the use of expensive & traditional communication tools. Simply using ESL ( Electronic Shelf Labels ) is one time investment and comfort for years to come; the system can be managed centrally, remotely or on site as and how desired. The dynamic pricing update keeps you intact with the market and above the competition, and the software can be integrated with the inventory software’s that helps to promote the excess stock easily by varying pricing while sitting at remote location.

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