Ethernet over Coaxial EoC

Ethernet over Coaxial EoC

The best engineering practices suggest for managing with the available resources, as to save cost without affecting the quality & resolution of the video, and that is always the major concern in CCTV & Video engineering. The rapid changes in technology, Analogue replaced by digital, introduction of HD CCTV & AHD CCTV etc. finally switching to IP CCTV, for many reasons like storage of video for pretty long time etc.

It becomes extremely expensive to change the complete cables considering the material & installation costs along with huge disturbances caused during installations at the complex and ready sites. Imagine the re-cabling of 100 Meter network cable for each camera to replace existing Co-axial cables for small project of 16 CCTV cameras, means total of 1600 meter cable. Hence the cost of cable, installation, time & changes on site. To overcome all this, the best practice is to use the Ethernet over coaxial (EoC) as solution to reduce cost and time.

EoC is an acronym for the Ethernet over Coaxial; hence use of existing co-axial cables instead of new Network Cat 5E etc becomes easy. The use of EoC provides installers & system integrators with an easier, faster, and more cost-effective way to replace analogue systems with IP CCTV cameras. The EoC offers the general speed of 10/100 Mbps for full duplex without affecting the video quality and resolution. Ethernet over Coaxial EoC devices are available in many forms, generally it comes as EoC-T transmitter & EoC-R receiver. The transmitter unit is used at the camera side while as receiver is used at the receiver side using the legacy RG59 cables on the site. Depends on the type of device, either it can be with PoE option or need to use the PoE injectors. These devices are very easy to install IP independent and plug & play type. And reduce the cost of cabling at site by 30-40%. And the distance of transmission can be from 200M to several Kilometres.

Depends on the device & regulations, the EoC Complies with relevant communication as well PoE standards like IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at standards.

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