H.265 Compression for CCTV applications

H.265 Compression for CCTV applications

The video compression technologies have always played the vital role in video storage & transmission especially in CCTV & surveillance industry. The file size & picture quality are the main issues while designing or implementing the surveillance systems.

From MPEG-2 to H.264 the change continues & currently H.265 compression  is targeted at next-generation surveillance technologies and content capture systems which feature progressive scanned frame rates and display resolutions from QVGA (320×240) to 4320p (8192×4320), as well as improved picture quality in terms of noise level, color spaces, and dynamic range.

H.265 supports higher resolution video and improved parallel processing methods and the capability of H.265 to double the date compression ratio compared to H.264 at the same parameters makes it substantially superior & can support 8K Ultra High Definition and resolutions up to 8192×4320. The second version of H.265 was published in 2015 that supports monochrome and higher bit depths, chroma sampling formats where the encoding of images is done by implementing less resolution for chroma than for luma (brightness in the image) information and 3D HEVC extensions. H.264 supports color spaces & color encoding representations.

The file size of H.265 paves the path for high speed video transmission over the low bandwidth internet hence high quality video streaming is possible in field of CCTV engineering & this will allow uploading & downloading the video files at faster speed without any extra cost.

The storage of videos plays an important role in CCTV industry & the rising cost of storage makes it very difficult to solve the complex problems, hence the H.265 will become the decisive factor in choosing the CCTV storage devices in accordance withe budget as well as requirements to insure proper surveillance intact. IP CCTV cameras, mostly equipped with built-in memory cards may also use H.265 compression technologies to get the desired results.

Hence the IP CCTV &  surveillance Industry will see the growth owing to the transmission of data on low bandwidth networks with almost negligible delay and the larger storage times.

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