Li Fi Light Fidelity : Boon for future proof home automation

Not a fiction any more. Imagine you do not need to switch off your device or any communicator in flight cabin or hospital or any such area; it is not far from reality as time will come when devices will be on throughout at all locations regardless of area or zone.  Yes Li Fi is the solution, not hazardous at all & neither will it interfere with any electromagnetic device nor any pace maker etc.

Li Fi is the youngest member in communication technology. Li Fi is the Light Fidelity wireless communication technology with the limitless capacity, secure and versatile. It uses the   electromagnetic spectrum to transfer the data using the visible light communication not the radio frequency. As the light energy is used for communication, the interference with the electromagnetic devices does not arise.

In Li-Fi, the information is embedded in the visible light spectrum with the broadcast capacity.

The technology uses common LED light sources to enable the high speed data transfer at 224 GB/second. The main component in the Li Fi communication is LED light source. Since LED is a semiconductor, the intensity of the current can be increased or decreased at very high speeds without being visible to the human eye. This way the data is fed to the LED source and it transmits the processed data to the target photo detector, where it converts the variation in light energy into proportionate electric signal. These electric signals are converted into the binary streams that help them to identify and recognize as web, video & audio application.

In general, Li Fi is expressed as below:

Speed 224 G bit/sec (In lab conditions) 1 G bit per second (33 times fastest that fastest Wi-Fi)
Security As light cannot pass the walls hence cannot be intruded (Secure than Wi-Fi)
Cost 10 times less expensive the traditional Wi-Fi

The technology uses O-OFDM Optical orthogonal frequency division multiplex multiplexing that optimizes data, audio, video & complies with IEEE 802.15.7 standard. The modulation techniques used is spatial modulation that combines data modulation and multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) in a novel fashion.

Communication between head lights of self driven cars making their communication easy. Street lights can act as access point. As said “Wherever there is an LED light bulb, there is an Internet signal,”. The Li-Fi could solve all the security related problems in smart home solutions as all is limited to the walls of home and this way the fear of Wi-Fi hacking is eliminated, and the cost involved for smart homes will drastically reduced to minimum owing to the presence of lighting sources in home.

Li-Fi will become an integrated part of future proof Smart Homes, as it is matter of LED & security.

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