Marketing for Startups

Marketing is blood of any business. No one knows exact psychology of clients, as the choice & chance varies from market to market, person to person. So it is not good practice to assume one market research report as perfect one. Be it mobile phones or noodles, market appetite never dies as demand is for everything and anything, so what matters is perfect introduction, first should come first. Marketing is an essential part of every business, be it start-up or century old company. And it is understood fact that without marketing nobody knows you. Why will they want to know you? At the initial stage of every company, marketing is all about introduction, and latter it becomes the business development tool.

Seven steps that can certainly help for marketing for startups are:

Create a beautiful & unique company name, as unique things get unique response.  People remember unique names easily.

As matter of saving cost, we can use company name as the trademark or trade name. But be smart. Check the presence of such name in trademark register before going ahead otherwise small mistake will cost you huge money. Once you select the name; choose to register the same as trademark hence protection for decade is guaranteed by law.

What we do & what people can expect from us. It should be presented in form of an excellent graphical representation in form of a brochure followed by a well designed simple business card. The brochure can be converted into e-format and uploaded on your website hence available for all.

Business card is first identity card in process of marketing.

Internet has revolutionized the world & one click makes millions of digits to dance and we get huge information. Internet is an ideal electronic real estate & you need to book your domain name to create a beautiful responsive website so that people can enjoy browsing it using desktop or Smartphone’s. As said, one click matters

Keep some free information in form of text, graphics & videos, discussion forums to attract visitors.

If you are entering in market as a product seller, a nice package of gadget or device that you sell helps you in several ways.  First impression is last impression. Nice logo on gadget or device & some fancy soft colours of package box wins the confidence of client. Packaging is an art & should be dealt very seriously, and must look elegant.

User manual, gift box package, logo on device helps a lot for marketing.

You met a client, shared the business cards, shook hands & left. It is not one day deal. Make every one as your permanent connection as maybe he does not need your product but he can recommend anyone to you or you to anyone. Share your product details monthly or as per your pace using free available email marketing tools.

One email can make big impact.

It is free to make page on Facebook, create account in twitter, one blog in Google, channel in YouTube and it takes 20-30 Minutes every day to update the social network as no need to open all accounts together but all accounts can be linked with each other and one account update means all are updated.

It is free but never forget to create two hash-tags; one in name of product you sell & other as your company name.

Never be shy to start discussion with any one you feel can help your business, and really it works. Most of the deals happen with people you never know & how one can say that deal is possible or not with particular person without talking or creating connection.

Many deals happen at once.

Be creative, be active & never stop, 

Marketing is blood of startups .The strength of ideas implemented makes you to exist in Market. Never stop to exist so never stop marketing for startups.

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