POS CCTV Integration

POS CCTV Integration, the traditional cash registers or POS (Point of Sales) units are nothing but big size calculators with printers and little memory. Every transaction is noted and the receipt is printed out; one client copy & other as records. That is all. What if by mistake the sale was wrong or you need to identify the customer have paid exactly for what he took or if he took something which you never counted? So the need of customer identification arises. In case we have two or more cash payment exit points, it will be difficult to know that who did the mistake.

The POS CCTV integration is the solution to gain all details about any cash register. The stroke of the key on cash register shows the data on the video, the POS communicates directly with the DVR/NVR or through the data capture box. All the data appears on the video similar to the receipt that is generated by the POS unit, this way the integration helps in reducing or eliminating the shrinkage.

The POS CCTV integration facilitates for the video audit by using many options like search of the video clips by customer name, POS number, item sold and by refunds & voids. Such integration is a very vital tool for loss prevention in many aspects. It helps to eliminate the wrong discount punch, scanning of different items twice or thrice, covering of the bar codes or bypassing the bar-code scanners etc.

The POS CCTV integration can be implemented in many ways, depends on the vendor and devices.

1.   Direct connection between POS & CCTV:
Most of the latest IP CCTV technology devices integrate directly with the POS machines available with the network socket
2.   Communication between POS & CCTV via a data capture box ( DCB ):
Here the data capture box allows the integration of POS systems and NVR/DVR via LAN, WAN, or Internet. The DCB captures the information from POS that provides the text data and the overlays the information directly onto the live video
3.   Text Overlay:
Some NVR’s & DVR’s accept the text file captured to overlay on the recorded videos hence provides the video with text.

The POS CCTV integration is a very vital tool to eliminate the shrinkage of stock due to mismanagement or mistakes or human errors of any kind.

For any inquiry regarding the POS & CCTV integration, please mail CCTV Institute at info@cctvinstitute.co.uk