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CCTV Institute is the source for technicians and engineers to know about CCTV security surveillance systems design & application. We offer all possible systems & solutions requirement on basis of experience, research and supplier relations.

Security & Surveillance Systems
Security & surveillance systems play a vital role in current scenario across the globe. With the growing external military intervention in many countries, unemployment and political instability, the crime and terrorism have grown equally across. The Security systems have acted as deterrents in all cases of security breaches this helping the people to be safe and secure.

Security systems on the shelf can be used well for DIY applications but for complex situations like border controls, Immigration entry & exists, Air, Land & Sea transport locations, it is must to have thorough knowledge of CCTV and security surveillance systems in terms of site survey, protect design, product selection and const controls.

CCTV Institute assist in design & implementation of security projects by recommending the proper products for the specification applications. This way we help in reduction of cost, selection of quality products directly from manufacturer or authorized distributors for brand conscious clients. The CCTV institute team members are well associated with the various manufacturers across globe hence can help in choosing right OEM partners and can help in branding and marketing purposes.

Being in the industry for several decades, we at CCTV Institute will surely assist you in completing all the procedures & processes needed to get CE, FCC, UL, RoHS etc certifications for all the products that are been chosen by you after our recommendations.

The mission of CCTV Institute is to advance knowledge about security & surveillance systems and educate the clients about design of security systems and solutions.

Our main systems and solutions are associated with
Video & Audio Surveillance Systems ( CCTV)
Entry & Exit controls ( Access Controls)
Intruder detection and deterrence systems ( Alarm systems)
Electronic Article Surveillance ( Anti Shoplifting)

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