The time and space analysis of the video detected either by CCTV Cameras or any video capture devices is actually the video content analysis, also called as Video Analytics in CCTV engineering. It is an advanced technology, purely developed to overcome the errors that are determined to arise due to human error & laziness.

The number of CCTV cameras has increased from few to millions across the globe. From few CCTV cameras to thousand for a single surveillance & security project and growing, and the number of monitors got increased for locations based on number of CCTV cameras. Hence the number of people employed for monitoring the videos is increased hence very expensive deal in long run. It is testified fact that human eye cannot concentrate on particular video with concentration for more than twenty minutes, but the security lapse happens within the twinkle of eye. The CCTV setup becomes of no use if the threat to security is not overcome timely. At this point the video analytics comes into picture; the VCA performs the analysis of the immediate events as well as pre-recorded videos to extract the required information.

Video analytics in CCTV & surveillance is simply the production of an alert for undesired results or alert produced for the non compliance with the preset standards. Video analytics is applicable to almost every situation in life & real time issues. In the video analytics, the information needed to produce trigger is predefined on basis of mathematical modelling. All types of the video analytics technologies are based on the video motion detection related with the modelling of objects by the frame or background or pattern.

Video analytics is used for the various applications like
Intrusion Detection and analysis,
People counting & retail applications,
CCTV Camera Tamper Detection,
Object Left & missing object Detection,
Asset & perimeter Protection,
Loitering & tail gating etc

Examples are many & few as mentioned. Imagine a parking lot where a specific parking space is kept reserved for a particular person with particular vehicle. Using the VCA, the parking space is identified and highlighted using the software set-up. And the security personal watching the live videos need not to concentrate directly on the specific locations, as this way he or she may lose the insight for other locations. Once any vehicle enters the pre-defined parking space, the trigger is generated and it pops up on the monitor & alerts the person watching the video, this way he or she takes the further action as and if required. This way the cost of monitoring is reducing as not much people need to be hired for continuously watching the videos.

Video Analytics can be used at

Airports, Harbors, Subways, Railways, Critical infrastructure, Nuclear Facilities, Factories, Border Control, Perimeter Security, Commercial and other surveillance applications. Retail locations, Traffic signals & lanes.

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